Take Action

Here are some thoughts on actions to take.

Take Action! In other words, let’s not just talk about this. We, each of us individually, have got to DO something in response to what the Republicans said, in addition to what we’re already doing, whatever that may be. For example, my creating this site is…”nice.” But will it really change anything? Probably not. It may be like the legendary flapping of a butterfly’s wings – and that’s good. But action is the thing.

Organize toward voting against Republicans! If all the community organizers in America now turn part of their attention to getting out the vote, that would do two things: 1) defeat McCain/Whatsername; and 2) prove to the Republicans that community organizers are wayyyy more impactful than they want to admit.

Create a multi-media ad campaign featuring community organizers. Short, pithy commercials that can answer the question for those who still don’t know: What IS a community organizer?

Wear your Obama-wear everywhere! T-shirts, buttons, magnets on your car, flags on your bikes…don’t be shy about displaying your choice. Just seeing your t-shirt may convince someone who is on the fence.

Reach One, Teach One. Talk about the election with everyone you meet…even in an elevator. I usually start with an assumptive question. “So, you’re voting for Obama, aren’t you?” You’ll often find that you encounter people who haven’t made up their mind or say that they’re not going to vote. Engage them. Don’t pound them over the head with a crazy rant, but add your two cents as to why they should vote…and who they should vote for.

I believe that the days until the election need to be spent on the undecided, the ones who are wavering. They need to be engaged. Then they need to be nudged. Otherwise, we’re preaching to the choir, or just arguing with others whose minds are not going to be changed. Both can be valuable, but both can also be a waste of time. And time is of the essence right now.



  1. http://www.zazzle.com/community_organizer_for_obama_biden_button-145483202171643794

  2. My suggestion is to make a TV ad if possible and have community organizers asking Ms Palin and Rudy and McCain why they chose to ridicule the grassroot workers of every American community.

  3. Sharon – Great idea. I think using their insulting and mocking words and attitudes toward community organizers SHOULD be used in a TV ad, and asking exactly the question you suggest. I think an ad like that would net results, meaning moving some undecided voters over to Obama. Interestingly, though, I’m sure that given the chance both Giuliani and Palin will echo the party line spin that I’ve seen so far, such as the comments from Michelle Malkin and Dean Barnett. Here’s what they’re saying.

    Michelle Malkin: “Let me clarify something. Nobody is mocking community organizers in church basements and community centers across the country working to improve their neighbors’ lives. What deserves ridicule is the notion that Barack Obama’s brief stint as a South Side rabble-rouser for tax-subsidized, partisan non-profits qualifies as executive experience you can believe in.”

    Dean Barnett: “..as even the most obtuse lefties surely know, the community organizer barb isn’t aimed at the vast population of hard-working and dedicated community organizers who are bravely organizing communities even as we speak.”

    Unfortunately, that’s clearly NOT what either Giuliani or Palin said or implied. As an obtuse lefty, I may “know” that the Republicans were just simply drawing a distinction between Palin’s experience as a mayor and Barack’s experience as a community organizer, and using dripping sarcasm and ugly mockery to do it – after all, what would a pitbull do? But that’s not what they said. Giuliani mocked a resume that might list “community organizer” experience. If anyone knows how hard community organizers work, it should be the ex-mayor of New York. And Palin flat out stated that community organizers don’t have actual responsibilities; mayors do. Color me obtuse.

  4. […] there’s this: Talk about the election with everyone you meet…even in an elevator. I usually start with an […]

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