Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | December 16, 2008

What Will The Workers At Echo Windows Think?

During the whole Republic Windows situation, what seemed to be sorely missing was the perspective of Republic Windows owner, Richard Gillman, who as you know had gone on to form Echo Windows LLC and buy a company and factory in Iowa, even as he was telling the Illinois workers good riddance. We heard a lot from the workers and the union, some from local and national politicians and even Obama, and some from Bank of America. But Gillman himself seemed to be eerily silent – for good reason, apparently. Because once he’s heard from, it’s difficult to accept what he says. For example, consider this from an article in the New York Times, after the situation was resolved:

…Republic’s chief executive, Richard Gillman, demanded that any new bank loan to help the employees also cover the lease of several of his cars — a 2007 BMW 350xi and a 2002 Mercedes S500 are among those registered to company addresses — as well as eight weeks of his salary, at $225,000 a year.

I guess his thinking was that if the workers are going to get theirs, then he might as well get his, too! Nice. So, first he shafts the workers of what his company owed them, then he wants to latch on. Admirable.

Check out this blog post for a tasty opinion on Mr. Gillman:



  1. Deeds, they speak so much louder than pretty words…


    • I am weary of the media coverage about Republic and Rich Gillman and would hope the truth will prevail.

      I know Rich Gillman and his family for over 55 years and he is a wonderful man, kind, generous and of fine character.

  2. What’s with these “bastard” owners of these window co’s? Seems they ALL share a penchant for GREED! I worked for 21 years for a window hardware co., Caldwell Mfg in Rochester,NY. They screwed us over in a 7 month strike to break the union that had been there for over 50 years. That was in 2004. The union took co. to court and co. was told to come to settlement on contract. They did…….. in June of 2008,some 4 years after workers went back to work!!! Settlement was for more than they could have settled for in ’04. Then in Jan of’09 they informed 22 remaining mfg. workers that they were moving operations to a plant they have in Hagerstown,MD, which is a non union entity. I have NO RESPECT for anyone in upper mgt. . Look where these CEO”S & executives have taken this country!!! We need to convince people that unions need to make a comeback so that the working class can once again maintain a decent and fair wage and health environment.
    PS: Republic Windows & Traco were some of our bigger customers!!
    Dave Carmichael

    • Will the entire truth ever be presented fairly or will the media continue to present
      anything that will attract readers?

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