Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | December 12, 2008

Aw C’mon…It’s The Holidays! (part 2)

In a follow-up to my earlier “Aw C’mon… It’s The Holidays” post, here’s another of what I consider to be heartless answers to what was the Republic Windows worker’s plight. This one from Tracy Coenen’s Walletpop blog, where she posted that “If Bank of America doesn’t want to extend credit to Republic, the company shouldn’t be essentially forced into doing so.” I asked her what her solution would be, then, to getting the workers the severance they were due, and her answer in the main was this:

The workers should pursue the company and the owners through the legal system with whatever options are available to them there. It is not Bank of America’s responsibility to pay them, either legally, ethically, or morally. The responsibility is on the company and its owners.

Egads. So I responded with this:

We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

It was Republic’s owners who have legal responsibility to have the worker’s severance pay available to distribute to them. So, if anyone should be on the hook here, it should be the owners.

Bank of America should then pursue the owners through the legal system with whatever options are available to THEM, to collect on the credit extended to the owners to pay the workers what was already legally due to them.

I must say that asking laid-off workers, without jobs, income, or healthcare, to pursue the owners is a ludicrous suggestion, out of touch with reality, and displays to me an incredible lack of sympathy on your part. If my father or mother was one of those workers….Grrr…Can you really imagine what you suggest? Instead, those owners now need to be pursued by both BofA for repayment, AND by the Federal government for acting in bad faith, if not violating terms of the WARN act or whatever other laws they were supposed to obey.

And, by the way, if I was a worker at Echo Windows LLC, I’d be a little worried, and quite skeptical of who I work for. Wouldn’t you?

And speaking of Echo Windows, I’m still curious about them. Anyone know more that you’d care to share?


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