Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | December 9, 2008


I posted the comment below to a rather bland piece on that was shedding some brief history of sit-downs and strikes in comparison with the protest at Republic Windows and Doors in Illinois. The piece was Commentary: Chicago factory sit-in fits nation’s mood

Here’s my comment:

Pay them, the laid-off workers. Pay them what they’re due. Pay them what they’re due…and THEN SOME! (Sort of like a jury that awards not just the cost of an accident but also awards “pain and suffering” compensation.) The workers deserve it. In fact, let the government step in – the state of Chicago? The federal Bush state of disarray? – and pay them. THEN figure out who is the “bad guy,” who is to blame. Republic Windows and Doors? Bank of America? It doesn’t matter. PAY THEM!

Why is the government allowing the workers to be caught in the middle? For all the grandstanding and sympathizing and even meeting coordination that politicians have been giving to the workers – which is really reallly really admirable, especially since we haven’t seen this type of solidarity with the working person from so many in public office in such a long time, so dont think I’m not extremely grateful and proud to be seeing the support! – REAL support would be this: cutting a check. Give them their money! THEN figure out who is to blame.

Does anybody have a dollar figure, how much it would be to pay the workers what they are due? And I’d still recommend that they get EXTRA for their down-time. You can’t really look for another job (what little jobs are to be had), or DO another job, while you’re staging a sit-in. PAY THEM – somebody, please…PAY THEM!



  1. I’m just glad those workers have Blagojevich in there making sure their voices are heard by government. Such a selfless defender of the little guy. He really should be appointed to Obama’s vacant Senate seat or perhaps be assured of a nice union position when he’s done being governer. He deserves to make some money.

    • Well, some humor just falls flat every now and then, doesn’t it? Maybe you had to be there…. And that name, “Rufus T. Harlemberry” – how much more juvenile can you get?

  2. because of the WARN violation its @ 1.5 million.

    if they would have told the workers 60 days in advance they probably would have owed only 25% of that in vacation pay.

    • Thanks for the amount. SOME government agency, or SOME enterprise (even the Union if they have the money), should pay the workers and let them move on with life. Then sort out all the technicalities. Even in “normal” times I’d suggest that. But in THIS economy, it’s even more necessary. And, oh c’mon…it’s the holidays! Pay them!

  3. Why are you saying my name is juvenile? That’s just hurtful.

  4. Rufus – Why? Because your comment was flip and sarcastic and well, juvenile, and because all your comments on other blogs –
    here, and here, and here, and here, for example, reflect the same juvenile sensibility and offer no value to the blog conversation. I just extended that to your “name,” as well.

  5. Dude, I understand how you feel about my sassy comments. But that’s my name. Please stop making fun of it.

    PS. I stand by the words I have coined (blord and bloglert)

  6. ‘Nuff said.

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