Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | November 10, 2008

Will Obama Share The Database?

pict0013Pictured is my wife at the local Obama campaign team’s apartment, as we mapped out our get-out-the-vote canvassing walk on Election Day. It’s much-discussed that Obama put together a great groundroots organization. And it struck me that the database of people – volunteers and the people who answered their door or their phone when a volunteer knocked or phoned – would be a great tool to continue to organize. Not for Obama to organize, but for the people – US – to organize or mobilize to keep Obama “honest,” so to speak. In other words, if Obama begins to back off some of the promises that we feel he really should keep, the database would be a great tool for communicating and organizing to voice a continued opinion – even protest – to Obama. But will he share it? I didn’t even collect the names and email addresses of all the volunteers I met. I wish I had. Now, there is a new website that Obama’s team has created, featured here: Maybe it will become the social networking glue that enables the grassroots and the netroots to coalesce around. And maybe that will be good enough.


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