Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | November 9, 2008

Getting On The Bandwagon

What’s great is seeing how the Republicans who once bashed and mocked community organizers – or even just Obama’s “experience” as a community organizer – having to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, that experience helped him win. And that they have something to learn. Here’s another one:

Obama poured many of his campaign’s millions into his social networking operations on the Web, which his campaign rightly saw as critical to building grassroots support and enthusiasm.

A community organizer by training, occupation and nature, Obama saw his databases for the potential they represented — an army of supportive voices, a legion of potential volunteers, and a division of precinct captains.



  1. McCain lost because his campaign can be sumarized as follows: Lipstick on a Pig, Pit Bull, Maverick, Joe the Plumber, Bridge to Nowher, Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, $150K expenditure on Clothes, Terrorist, Muslim, We can see Rusia from our Window, That One, Gotcha, Bush Doctrine, and “Wink”. What did his campaign offer to the middle class? Nothing. And Obama team recognized what a community organization can do when they stand behind a credible leader. We are elated and stand by this man for greatness is yet co come.

  2. m wells, you are 100% exactly right. McCain’s campaign was more about why people should vote against his opponent, rather than why they should vote for him. If you take this a step further, McCain lost because he wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to win. He relied on old style politics and talking points. He never had a consistent, well-thought out strategy, and he choice of running-mate worried a lot of voters. When he stumbled upon a symbol that was personally relevant to voters, it turned out to be totally bogus. Joe-the-Plumber was really Joe-the-Liar, and McCain’s over-use of the gimmick turned him into Joe-the-Joke. Lately, I’ve tried to post comments on various conservative blogs, where the feelings about Obama’s election are sounding like a KKK rally. Whenever I try to post suggestions about what McCain did wrong, I’m banned and my posts are replaced with juvenile sarcasms. These are the people who almost got a candidate elected. Scary.

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