Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | October 23, 2008

Republican Chairwoman Calls Obama A “Muslim Socialist”

In a 10/21/08 letter to the editor of the Alamogordo Daily News in New Mexico titled “Why I’m a Republican”, a woman named Marcia Stirman, of Alamogordo, wrote some pretty interesting things. Like Obama is “a Muslim Socialist” and “Muslims are our enemies.” The bonehead newspaper actually printed it. What the…? Turns out the woman, Ms. Stirman, is the head of a group called the Republican Women of Otero County.

Here’s the letter. Read it and weep:

Why I’m a Republican

I read in today’s paper what a woman wrote explaining why she’s a Democrat. Let me tell you why I’m not. I’m a Republican because:

I believe in a sovereign God who sometimes gives us what we deserve.

I believe Muslims are our enemies.

I believe in life. A baby is not just a fetus, but a living being no matter where it resides.

I believe there is a good reason for the death penalty.

I believe in fiscal responsibility, for the government and for us.

I believe the government is way too big and rife with greed and corruption.

I believe in the truth. People believe lies because it’s much easier than finding the truth.

I believe in personal responsibility. That includes spanking your children.

I believe American women should raise their own children and American men should be men enough to pay for children they’ve produced.

I believe a man and woman make marriage. Period.

I believe in America first and foremost and we ought to take care of our own people, our own land, and illegal aliens should go home.

I believe in guns and knowing how to use them properly.

I believe war is a fact of life and we should always win.

I believe in lower taxes. I know how to spend money better than Congress any day of the week.

I believe in voter ID.

I believe there is a moderate and a socialist in this election. I agree with a two-party system, but Obama isn’t a messiah or a democrat.

He’s a Muslim socialist.

Marcia Stirman, of Alamogordo

I love the “I believe in life” followed quickly with “I believe there is a good reason for the death penalty.” The spanking thing was pretty good, too.

Oh. She’s been asked to step down as head of that Republican group. I wonder if she will.



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