Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | October 11, 2008

To An Organizing Meeting I Go!

Going to my first Obama-campaign community organizing meeting today. I received a phone call yesterday evening from a chirpy-sounding woman asking me who I was going to vote for. When I said Obama, she asked if I’d want to come to an organizing meeting nearby.  It happens to be right after my daughter’s Saturday dance class, and not far from the dance studio. Pick her up from dance class at 11:30, easily make the meeting by it’s noon start-time. Wonder what it’ll be like. So far, here’s what my election activities have been like:

  • talking constantly about the election
  • keeping the tv on CNN and Fox News (keep your enemies closer…) every chance I can
  • reading online articles and blogs at sites like Alternet, HuffingtonPost, Townhall (for views from the other sid…)
  • a couple of weeks ago visited the Obama campaign headquarters in my area – a small storefront in a somewhat ugly strip-mall with crude handmade Obama signs in the window and the retro feel of a grassroots campaign inside. I wanted to see if I could get some buttons or yard-signs or something, but they weren’t exactly handing them out, if they even had any
  • wearing an Obama pin that a friend brought back from the Denver convention
  • downloading 25 names of purportedly “registered but undecided” voters in my neighborhood from the Neighbor To Neighbor part of (but haven’t yet knocked on one of the doors)
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