Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | October 8, 2008

Banned Comments: Read Them Here!

I’m a little suprised that my harmless – and somewhat insightful, if I do say so myself – comments about tonight’s presidential debate – were not allowed on the Huffington Post. (I’m hurt, but I’ll still keep Huffington Post on my “Notable Sites” links list.) Here are the comments:

“THAT one?!” – I’m no psychologist, but after watching McCain’s behavior in the two debates, I’d wager that old white man McCain sees in “that one” Obama all the faces of his former Vietnamese captors. He projects onto Obama the feelings he had as a POW.

After the debate, Obama worked the crowd like a hand-tool. Awesome.

McCain paced the stage frequently while Obama was answering a question. Rude, but understandable – he was peeing into the catheter tube that ran down the inside of his pants leg.

When the debate was over, McCain refused to shake Obama’s extended hand.

“THAT one?!”

The talking heads on Fox News – Kristol, Barnes, someone else – were very depressed.

While Obama worked the crowd – shaking hands, signing autographs, having his photo taken – McCain had already left the stage area. That’s understandable – he had to empty his catheter bag.


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