Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | September 28, 2008

Coverage of the 9/27 Rally in Alaska

Good up-close and personal coverage at themudflats:

Anchorage Daily News coverage of a 9/27 rally in…Anchorage.

The 9/27 rally photo slideshow:

and some video of the rally (plus other video about Palin):



  1. Hi I found a good article about how McCain betrayed his family and posted it on my page. A man that would betray his own family would certainly betray people he doesn’t even know.

  2. Stophate – Your comment is appreciated on the one hand; on the other hand, it’s reallllly not relevant to the post about the 9/27 rally in Alaska, to which you attached the comment. If your goal is just to spread the idea that McCain is a family-wrecker, I guess you’re achieving your goal. But I don’t think that’s a worthwhile goal. I’d rather see you address McCain’s stand on the issues – and do it in relevant forums – and this site might not be one of those. : ) But I’d never want to try to stifle your opinion or ability to express it.

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