Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | September 26, 2008

Community Organizers Will Bailout America

When questions about the economy come up, I start feeling like Sarah Palin being asked why Alsaka’s proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience: moose in headlights. But here’s my take, based on what I know, on the $700 BILLION bank bailout, and why community organizers are going to be even more sorely needed and valuable.

I say NO to the bailout. NO. EMPHATICALLY NO. NO BAILOUT!

See, the scenario painted by Bush and Company if there is no bailout is still a little vague to me. Something about the world exploding, I think. People won’t be able to get credit, to get mortgages. Won’t be ABLE to?! They can’t NOW. Banks will freeze up. OK, let them.

The difference between the current state of the economy does not sound all that different from the picture being painted by Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson if we don’t do a bail-out. The benefits of a bailout…benefit who? So, NO to the bailout.

And here’s where community organizers come in.

If we picture a no-bailout doomsday scenario of markets collapsing, prices rising, even more foreclosure and layoffs, gas stations without gasoline (like in the Southeast right now), etc. etc., it’s a pretty scary thing. Kind of like today…but worse.

More people out of work. More people sleeping in their cars. More people hungry.

Community organizers will be called upon in greater numbers and with even greater urgency. Community organizers will rise to the historical moment. Community organizers will do what they do: help feed the hungry, find housing for the homeless, find work for the unemployed. And do it in a way that gives dignity to the people they’re helping.

The Bush/Congress bailout is an undignified response that rewards the wrong people.

Community organizers will bailout the right people.

Things could get worse if we don’t pass a bailout bill? Bring it on!



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