Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | September 22, 2008

Maybe Alaska Needs A Community Organizer – Part II

Maybe Alaska needs a community organizer (or two or three or several hundred). I’m not a community organizer, but maybe I can help.

Between now and the election, I’m going to be converting this site to a portal for community organizers in Alaska who are working toward the following:

  1. mobilizing the voices of Alaskans – and the nation – to express their desire that the “Troopergate” inquiry continue unimpeded
  2. working to take back their state from the McCain campaign who seem to have “hijacked” the Alaskan state government

No, I’m not a community organizer. And I’m not near Alaska. But it seems to me that Alaskans should be mad – damn mad – that a campaign can come in and take over, stonewall, and derail a state political process (the Troopergate inquiry). They should also be kinda sorta angry that virtually any and all questions about their Governor’s record and experience are now directed to the campaign and not handled by the Governor’s office. (As if the campaign doesn’t have a vested interest in either NOT answering a question or spinning the answer to put the Governor in a positive light.) How about just…answering a question?

As I said, I’m not near Alaska. And I don’t want to be a carpetbagger. I just have a website. Maybe you guys, you community organizers in Alaska, can use it. So watch for changes to this site.

Any ideas? Leave a comment here, or EMAIL ME at proudoldlefty[at]community-organizer[dot]com.



  1. Very Nice

    Thank You

  2. Is your name Denham, Soretero, Obama, Brazile, Dean, Kerry, Kennedy – or all of the above?

    It isn’t the “community organizer” bit that upsets me, it is his associates and his flip flopping.

    Donna Brazile told us we weren’t needed or wanted in the party anymore so we left.

    If you are not from Alaska, why stick your nose into their business? Aren’t there enough Alaskans to object if they feel they are being treated unfairly? Their approval rating os their Governor surpasses that of any Governor in the U.S.

    Mind your own business.

  3. BTW – How dare Obama demean small town Mayors? I happen to think small town Mayors are very important. Go into any small town and ask.

  4. lee M. –
    A couple of things. 1) Thanks for the comment. Unlike, say, “” who like to stifle opposing views – as they deleted my post there – I appreciate your adding your opinion, and think it’s actually useful to have some sort of dialogue. What did Hillary call it? Oh, yes…a conversation. I agree with her. What’s up with that riverdaughter thing (if you know about it)?
    2) I‘m don’t see it as sticking my nose into Alaskans business, because the Troopergate inquiry and the virtual “hijacking” (not my term, someone in Alaska’s, I think) of the state government by a political campaign is really of national concern. But the greatest impact will come from Alaskans themselves expressing their opinions.
    Like I said, I just have a website I’m willing to lend. It’s kind of a like a cot in a stadium for a hurricane evacuee – theirs to use if they want it.

    One last thing, can you point to a place where Obama demeaned small town Mayors? I’d be curious to see the quote you’re referring to. Seriously.

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