Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | September 21, 2008

Maybe Alaska Needs A Community Organizer

So apparently Alaskans are getting a little riled-up that their state is being taken over by the McCain campaign. You can read articles about the “hijacking” of the state here:

and here:

and in the Alaska Daily News, here:

My thoughts on the subject generally run like this:

For all the macho (and fem-macho) posturing by Alaskans about moose hunting and sled dogging, etc., – oooohhh, we’re such TOUGH people, not cawsmawpolitan like those “others” LOL – Alaskans must actually be a pretty weak bunch. If not, why are they allowing Washington DC to control their state so much? Why aren’t they angrily demanding that the investigation continue? Why aren’t they in the streets protesting, holding sit-ins on the steps of the state Capitol, getting on the talk-shows to spread the word that Alaskans won’t be over-run? Tough guys. Yeah, right.

(Yes, I said “sled dogging”…)

Maybe what Alaskans NEED is a Community Organizer! You gotta love it.


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