Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | September 8, 2008

Hankering to do some service? Click here!

Like me, you watched the Republican convention, and you may now be feeling a little overqualified to be a community organizer. After all, community organizers do not have “actual responsibilities.” Or you may worry that listing your experience as a community organizer on your resume will only cause a hiring manager to snicker, laugh, and share his derision with fellow bosses. I feel your pain. Still, you might find yourself with some time on your hands.

But in case you get a hankering to do some community service, here’s a website you can go to, enter your zipcode and an optional keyword or two, and pop up some volunteer opportunities in your community. I tried it, and using just my zipcode, I was able to find a host of opportunities. I just hope none of them require me to be the organizer. That would be so beneath me.


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