Posted by: Patrick Barbanes | September 5, 2008

Preaching to the choir VS Dialogue for change

Part of the reason I created this site was to express my own personal outrage – yes, I said outrage…go ahead and accuse me of overreacting – and to give a voice to the community organizers who had been so insulted by the Republicans. (Geez, lighten up, you guys…can’t you take a little sarcasm?) And part of the reason was to create a dialogue or an avenue that might actually be able to change some minds. One person I know actually asked me, “What IS a community organizer?” Because while preaching to the choir is always nice, it would be just as valuable to try to change some opinions. Yet, I know that there are some people whose minds won’t change, no matter what. Take “Ellen” from “CA”, for example. In a comment added to Michelle Malkin’s article that I blogged about in my previous post, Ellen writes:

Community Organizers = Shakedown Artists
Community organizing of the type Barack Obama was a part is a shakedown racket.

Everyone I’ve met who has called himself a “community organizer” was Marxist, angry and seeking personal power, as Michelle Obama and Barack are. They all hate their country, law enforcement and the military. They promote anti-white, anti-government resentment. The organizers’ income results from milking the system and blackmailing timid public agencies into rewarding crime and supporting illegals with a bonanza of free services and politically correct huge government and foundation grants. Elected officials know what these guys are about, but wouldn’t dare say it, for fear of losing their own jobs or advancement politically. Instaed they support the shakedown artists for public office, knowing one hand washes the other.

Hmmmm…don’t think this site will be winning over that swing-voter any time soon……


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